Climate Country Radio

Rita Hosking

Listen, below! Climate Country Radio is a set of short, fun "public service songs" on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

This free download is a high quality, 320kbps .mp3 format, 34MB total, plus PDFs of liner notes. For other formats, download free from BANDCAMP, linked below the player.

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Rita Hosking - guitar, voice
Sean Feder - banjo, dobro, voice
Brett Cole - bass
David Clouse - drums
Mei Lin Heirendt - fiddle, vocal
Joe Ybarra - pedal steel guitar
Tom Menig - recording engineer
Oz Fritz - mixing/mastering engineer
Kim Rogers - KIM ART Graphics, graphic design
Velvy Appleton - photography

All songs written by Rita Hosking, except "I Am a Roving Ember" is modeled after the traditional tune, "I Am a Roving Gambler."

Produced by Rita Hosking
(c) & (p) 2024 Rita Hosking, BMI

This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, through the Upstate California Creative Corps. 


Climate Country Radio is free via guidelines of the funding grant – we want it available to everyone. 

The grant targeted 19 counties in northernmost California. If you'd like to see Climate Country Radio spread to other counties or states too, you are welcome to support Rita's efforts by donating. Thank you!

Climate Country Radio will not be streaming on Apple Music or Spotify until late July, when the grant period is complete.