From the recording Climate Country Radio


The greenhouse gasses that we produce need to be in balance with how much we remove. 
We got a cool crew on net zero avenue, introduce yourselves and tell us what you do
Hey I’m slow cooker, or induction stove, or an instant pot, for your sweet potatoes 
There’s no special metric, just make it electric, and plant-based foods in there would perfect it
I’m an LED bulb, and my shtick is lit, you can stick me anywhere there’s an incandescent, 
I can brighten your scene with the least energy, I can light up for cheap, ya’ll gather ‘round me

Net Zero Heroes
The more we reduce, ya
Net Zero Heroes
The less to produce, ya

I’m a caulk gun, I’m insulation, I’m sealing up your funky fenestration, 
We gotta drop carbon footprints to two tons, we need net zero construction
I’m electric car, and I can go pretty far, I made it to the disco on just one charge, 
I drive past the gasoline stations and wave, while the government’s giving lots of money away 
I’m a heat pump, mmm, a heat pump, yeah, I harness the heat from earth, liquid or air, 
I can heat your water, I can dry your clothes, I can warm your space or make the cool air flow.

Net Zero Heroes
Listen to the radio
Net Zero Heroes
Here come the banjo

I’m a tree wheee I’m a little shrub too, I’m especially native plants around you
I keep the place cool, soak up CO2, give the birdies and the bees here something to do
I’m a ballot, a lean voting machine, I’m how you elect someone keen on green I’m the best tool around, for what you care about, you can vote them in or you can vote them out
I’m an action, huh? a climate action yeah, like an action listed in a climate plan 
plans are a start, plans get heard, but without the action, they’re nothing but words

Net Zero Heroes
Listen to the radio
Net Zero Heroes
Climate Country Radio