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I hope you'll join me at my online, creative journal called The Oar.

This is where I'm posting new, original material including:

- new music

- my thoughts on songwriting -- on the process, or past songs (some by suggestion) 

- poems, some written from title prompts suggested by you

- different kinds of visual art including video, drawing, and more

- creative short essays on...

...and who knows what else?  I will likely surprise myself. 

Essentially, it's a way for me to share my current thoughts and doings on songs, poetry, and other art with you. In return, I hope you might welcome a chance to support my creative work, engage in artistic discussion, ask questions, or get inspired.

Row, row, row your boat, and thank you,


SPECIAL -- until Dec. 31st, 2020, you can buy a discounted, one year subscription to The Oar, via a one-time payment of 30 dollars.  You can make this purchase via THIS LINK, then email me (at the email address for the subscription, the date you want it sent, and any message from you, (if it's a gift).  Or it could be "To me, from me."  With love.