And check out this video to hear the Free Range Singers and UU Sparks Choir accompany Rita and Sean on Where the Grassroots Grow, at the Unitarian Universalist Church in 2016 Davis, CA.  Directed by Laura Sandage. 

Where the Grassroots Grow, a digital single from Rita Hosking, is available for free download. Just choose the .mp3 file (about 7.9MB) or the .wav file (about 32.2MB.)  Then choose "0.00" for a free song, or pay what you like.

Where the Grassroots Grow is dedicated to Beth Brown Boettner, who started the Austin, Texas recycling program and was a cherished community activist.  When her supporters encouraged her to run for office, Beth refused, and noted "I want to be the old lady in tennis shoes who gets things done." Because she died in her mid 40's, Beth didn't become an old lady, but she did leave an empowering legacy behind her.

Rita Hosking--guitar, lead vocal
Rich Brotherton--guitar, harmony vocal
Glenn Fukunaga--upright bass
Dony Wynn--drums
Sean Feder--dobro
Kora Feder--harmony vocal

Song written by Rita Hosking 
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Rich Brotherton at Ace Recording in Austin, Texas, with dobro recorded at Foxtail Sound in Dixon, CA
Photo by Scott Newton of Austin, TX

Many thanks to Carolyn Langenkamp, Beth's cousin.

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(c) 2015 Rita Hosking, BMI