Reviews for "Little Boat"

Little Boat was the #7 Top Album on the Folk DJ List for March 2013, and Parting Glass is tied for #3 Top Song--way to launch, Little Boat! For April, Little Boat was #8 Top Album, and Rita #9 Top Artist!  
April 5th's Daily Mirror~
"She's been called the best kept secret in country-folk and Rita's razor-sharp songs and great live performances bear out the claim.  As does this short but oh so sweet, lean and lovely set of seven songs introducing the Californian's clawhammer banjo playing daughter, Kora Feder, 18, who is blessed with mum's unerring delicacy of touch."
April 2013 issue of Acoustic Magazine~
"Timeless, unhurried elegance."
May 2013 issue of Country Music People Magazine~
"If there's any criticism of this album is the fact that seven tracks is not enough.  Little Boat leaves you wanting more." 4/5 Stars.
May-June 2013 issue of R2 Magazine~
"Many songwriters are attempting to ask questions about the morality of big business and of how the meek are expected to serve mutely, but few are doing it as succinctly or with as much humanity as is evident in this little manifesto."
And a sample of reviews online~

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