New Look, Thanks Rik Keller + The Palms

I was an early gray hair person, and have decided to let the gray flag fly.  Thus, I needed a new set of photos for a new web look!. So, check out the new web look! Big thanks to Rik Keller of Rik Keller Photography in Davis, CA for taking awesome photos.  Rik took the last one that graced the site for a couple years, and I'm so pleased he was able to help me out this time, too. They turned out great!  
And we owe big thanks to the glorious Palms Playhouse for opening its temporarily shuttered doors to let us take some pictures in a place where I feel I'm in my element.  The Palms Playhouse is our local high quality independent music venue, and I've enthusiastically done many a show there over the years.  Can't wait to help them re-open their doors next month at our Jan. 20 show with Barwick and Siegfried--a celebration of regional country-folk music.  Long live the Palms!