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#26 - Two Poems - Glory and Better Half

This is a poem written for a friend who suggested the title, "Glory."



I know glory. 

Once, fruit of my mother, we bloomed to soft meadow breezes, 

bees bowed to our offerings. 

With time, we withered. 

She dropped me…

#20 - Working on a Building

Working on a Building 
written the morning of Wed. June 3rd, 2020 

I may be raped if I walk alone, or never become president, but I do not worry about losing my white life to a policeman, or racist neighbor…

#19 - Water, Air and Earth 

Here's a poem for the suggested title of "Water, Air and Earth":


Water, you draw me like bee to blossom. 

I am dipper in your riverbed, fern in your mist 

Needing you. 

I drink and drink you in, 

only until…

#18 - Song of the Rose 

Here's a poem written with the suggested title of "Song of the Rose."


Song of the Rose 


Leaves drop, limbs slouch, 

Silent sitting in dark earth ice. 

I could be made to move,  

but am working on something deeper. 

#16 - No Place But Here

Hey folks, here's a work in progress -- i.e., something I'm in the middle of right now. I can't decide to go in the direction of poem or song, though it seems to be heading songward.  While writing this over…

#9 - Two Trees 

A poem written for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, almost 4 years ago (around the time of Frankie and the No-Go Road -- you see connections in the art.) Scroll down for the reading. 

Two Trees

Two trees, joined at…

#4 - Creature Comfort 

Here's an example of writing a poem from a title prompt. I hope it inspires you to think of one. 

A sweet friend once suggested to me the title "Creature Comfort."  I knew that she had some experience with horses…

#1 - The Oar 

The Oar 

One is not enough, 
Unless you prefer circling. 

If you want to go,
To your lover’s arms, 
To a chance at death, 
You will need more of us. 

And if your boat sits low with…