#25 - Doodling?

I believe this is called doodling -- though I usually associate doodling with doing something else, like listening or talking, while one doodles.  In my case, I'm not doing anything else at all.  Earlier I mentioned physical work, digging holes…

#24 - The Keepers of Canaan 

This song has been wafting through my head lately, it's from my first album, Are You Ready?.   It's tough to listen to that record sometimes, as with some others of my recordings, because I hear things now that I would…

#23 - Wide Open Road 

I wrote this tune yesterday, and I like it okay so far.  I've been walking and working out how I'd like to sing it, and looking for any natural bridges.  Walking with a tune in my head is one of…

#22 - Wétiko 

I'm inspired to write about the song Wétiko, off the Frankie and the No-Go Road album, because of a post someone made on Facebook recently.  The person linked a live video of Wétiko and asked "sound familiar?"

My instinct, which…

#21 - When You Just Need to Wield a Pickaxe

Per my usual in times of stress, I've been finding some physical work to do outside.  It's always been something my overactive brain appreciates and craves -- when my body says "shut the hell up and work on this."  It's…

#20 - Working on a Building

Working on a Building 
written the morning of Wed. June 3rd, 2020 

I may be raped if I walk alone, or never become president, but I do not worry about losing my white life to a policeman, or racist neighbor…

#19 - Water, Air and Earth 

Here's a poem for the suggested title of "Water, Air and Earth":


Water, you draw me like bee to blossom. 

I am dipper in your riverbed, fern in your mist 

Needing you. 

I drink and drink you in, 

only until…

#18 - Song of the Rose 

Here's a poem written with the suggested title of "Song of the Rose."


Song of the Rose 


Leaves drop, limbs slouch, 

Silent sitting in dark earth ice. 

I could be made to move,  

but am working on something deeper. 

#17 - No Place But Here, Song + Video 

Alrighty, I went with "song" on the No Place But Here poem from post #16.  It did get changed a bit to become a song, and I made a video to go with it. 

I decided to make this video…

#16 - No Place But Here

Hey folks, here's a work in progress -- i.e., something I'm in the middle of right now. I can't decide to go in the direction of poem or song, though it seems to be heading songward.  While writing this over…

#15 - Star Route Way 

Sometimes people ask me about Star Route Way, a song from my first album, so here's my first Oar discussion of past published song.

Where I was raised, our address was Star Route, Montgomery Creek. This is a little history…

#14 - The Rancherita

I have big, creative 3-D project that I work on, it's a 1975 Fleetwood Prowler, 21 ft. travel trailer.  I call it the Rancherita. 

It's not glamorous in the least --  it's basically my fort on wheels, held together by…