#19 - Water, Air and Earth 

Here's a poem for the suggested title of "Water, Air and Earth":


Water, you draw me like bee to blossom. 

I am dipper in your riverbed, fern in your mist 

Needing you. 

I drink and drink you in, 

only until danger of drowning do I stagger away, 

come up for.. 


Air.  I can breathe again. 

Magic, invisible 

you fill me with sweet grass, wood smoke, lilacs. 

Soft, you sing me to sleep 

Crisp, you fill my wings 

We fly, and finally my feet reach for.. 


Earth.  Bed, home, universe. 

Wet scents breeze in from below 

A trickle of water 

supreme host 

giver and taker of life 

I plunge my arms into your bosom and cry glory 

we are one.


Above is a video taken this month on Deer Creek, Nevada City, CA.  You can hear birds if you turn up the volume. 

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