Frankie and the No-Go Road Show Fun

We just completed our final CD Release concert this month, at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA.  It was a fabulous run of a highly unusual show--we played through the entire album from start to finish, with commentary on the steps of the hero's journey, and characters come to life.  
Sean Feder on dobro, banjo, guitar and lap steel, Bill Dakin on upright bass, Bart Van Der Zeeuw on drums and percussion, and Kora Feder (at one show) helped to bring to bring about these live experiences, and I'm very grateful!  I'm also grateful for the numerous volunteer, mask-wearing Frankies and Wetikos, amazing presenters that hosted us, and beloved audiences.

And from our esteemed audiences/co-travelers, here are some inspiring words:

"Rita took us on a deeply personal soul journey tonight; what an intensely enjoyable show! Had us all pondering our life's journey, soul sickness, teachers who guide us, black holes, rising to life's challenges, reflecting on our life's purpose and the lessons we learn along the way."  -Karine Woodward

"Transformational." -David Weinrod

"The performance left me so awe inspired, I damn near fell down on the way to the car having my out-of-body experience. Well done and thank you Rita and band! Very powerful stuff."  -Anna MacKinnon

"You guys left me in the love cloud, Rita!"  -Derek Jensenn

"I just wanted to say your concert at the Freight on Sunday was very special and inspiring! My friend Brigid's father who is visiting from Michigan gushed that the album performance with masked Native American figures was like an opera!  So creative!"  -Nancy Schulz

"I was completely blown away." -Jenn Stringer

"What a neat experience! I really liked how you brought the characters to life by bringing them into the audience. It gave it a theatrical experience." -Raylene Emerald-McNeil

"You took us on a journey and we were so happy to go there." -Jackie Carroll

"I loved how you had the characters Frankie and Wetiko come out. I felt such energy and vibes as I listened to the music and watched them." -Misha Leah

"This new project is simply amazing and so thought provoking." -Teresa Reynolds

And, here are some photos from the shows! Photos taken by Sharon DeMeyer, Rod Brown, Karine Woodward, "Oscar Fifty-Two," and Derek Janssen.


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