5/5 Stars - Telegraph, and More Amazing Reviews

Frankie and the No-Go Road is receiving superb reviews!  Check it out:

--5/5 stars from The Telegraph. "This music will make you think, it will sadden you and it will uplift you. In a world of Wetiko, it's good to have Hosking calling for a better life. Splendid. ★★★★★" says Martin Chilton, Culture Editor.
--4/5 stars from the UK's Observer (print) and Guardian (online.)  From reviewer Neil Spencer, "It emerges, alongside Anaïs Mitchell’s Hadestown, as one of Americana’s finest concept albums."  Read here. 
--4/5 stars from Maverick Magazine, "more authenticity and integrity than you can shake a stick at."
--Songlines Magazine writes "arresting lines and images come thick and fast. Her songs are observational, political and philosophical in an unaffected, organic way." 
--MotherChurchPew said this: "she narrates the legacies of the working class flawlessly, walking the line between literary genius and front-porch-storyteller with great precision.  The album unfolds in a timeless manner, almost as if it would if Walt Whitman had chosen to wield a banjo instead of a pen."
--in-depth review and great summary, "an insightful and inspirational journey' by Folk Radio UK 
--Belfast's Culture Hub Magazine
--excellent in-depth feature by For the Country Record
--from Stuart Mason, "a force of nature," Fiddlefreak Folk Review
--Ireland's music, art and culture magazine, Pure M
--Bruce Hayden of Sierra Roots Music says, "it's an album to listen to, not to listen at."
--from the Rocking Magpie, "It’s a brave man who compares any singer-songwriter to Nanci Griffith in her heyday; but I can place my hand on my heart and say Rita Hosking is certainly a contemporary; and with Nanci’s health problems she certainly fills that void with aplomb."